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Gossip Girl Icon Challenge
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Out & about Basics
This is an icon challenge community featuring the CW's show "Gossip Girl" and all its characters and actors.Each week there will be a new challenge and a deadline. So, you will have till that deadline given to enter your icons.Your icon submissions, as well as the votes, will be screened.
Entries format:


1- Number of icons allowed will be determined in each entry
2- Do NOT vote for your own icons.
3- The icon must have the LJ standards: 100x100 or less and 40kb or under.
4- Do not steal anyone's personal icons unless they give permission.
5- Anonymous votes are not accepted.
6- Do NOT tell anyone which icon is yours or your friends to vote.
7- The Challenge entries have to be created for the challenge you are entering and with the images provided.
8- You can't publish your entries anywhere before the challenge ends.
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